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Discount Dental Plans vs. Dental Insurance... What are the differences?

Discount dental plans are quickly becoming an alternative to more costly dental insurance. These plans are specifically designed to provide significant savings for members’ dental care needs thereby making them an attractive option to traditional dental insurance.

Traditional dental insurance, where you choose any dentist and not one in the specified provider network, has many drawbacks including high deductibles, complicated claim forms, exclusions for pre-existing conditions, long waiting periods and many other limitations. In comparing the two, discount dental plans are more affordable, easier to use and free of the many hassles attributed to traditional dental insurance.

What are some of the major differences between dental insurance and discount dental plans?

Some of the characteristics of Dental Insurance include:

  • Deductibles, limitations and annual maximums
  • Waiting periods for major dental procedures
  • Time-consuming claim forms
  • Exclusions/limitations on pre-existing conditions
  • Cosmetic dentistry is rarely covered
  • Expensive monthly premiums

Some of the characteristics of Discount Dental Plans include:

  • No limits on use
  • No waiting to use services
  • No forms
  • Everyone is accepted
  • Plans include discounts on cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics
  • Consumers pay affordable membership fees for access to a network of providers offering discounts on most dental procedures
  • Available directly to individuals, families, businesses and groups

In conclusion, discount dental plans are an affordable alternative to dental insurance by offering members significant savings on most dental procedures.

Continue reading about dental insurance and dental plans differences to understand how these differences can affect you.

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Disclaimer: The discount dental plans are fee-for-service dental plans - not dental insurance.

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